Cosy-Up your Home with Winter Décor

In the cooler climate of winter, nothing beats coming home to your toasty warm house after a long day at work and then curling up and relaxing in your own little safe haven. It’s drab and drizzly out – are you hoping to bring the warmth indoors with a seasonal update? Good news! You can make your house feel extra snug and cosy during the chilly winter days with a little help from interior decorating.

Mirror, Mirrors

When there are dark clouds hanging in the sky, natural light in the home becomes scarce. Maximise the natural light in your house by hanging more mirrors in areas that receive light. Mirrors reflect the light all around them, which can brighten up your living space when it’s grey outside.


Winter decorating is all about making your house feel warmer even when the frost is gathering in the window. You keep yourself warm in winter by wrapping up in lots of beautiful fabric – and your furniture can get the same treatment.  Wrap up your dining room chairs with fabric slip covers and drape luxurious furry throw rugs over the living room sofa to instantly give your house that cosy feeling. Bring out all your quilts and drape them around the house – they can look great anywhere, not just on a bed. Try hanging a quilt on the wall or laying it over the coffee table.

Rug Up

Many modern houses take advantage of the sleek, stylish look of wooden floorboards, but they can be a little cold on the feet in winter. Laying a large, fluffy rug over the bare floorboards will not only make your house look cosier, it’s practical too. If you want to make it more interesting, layer rugs over each other to create a unique look for your living space. Try a small, thin, dark rug over a large white one, or a boldly patterned rug over a plain one.

Keep the Covers On

It’s the number one place we all want to snuggle down into when we hear raindrops pattering outside: a nice, warm bed! During the cooler months, you should dress up your bed to look extra inviting with more pillows, textured blankets and throws arranged across the end. You don’t need to buy a whole new linen set, just layer up the blankets and sheets you have. Mix up different colours and patterns to bring brightness to the room, or keep it sophisticated with subtle greys and whites.

Draw the Curtains

Warm up your home in more ways than one by hanging heavier drapes this time of year. Thick drapes will make the house look warmer, and it will keep the heat in too. Grand, thick drapes are great for adding a sense of opulence to the room.


When the days are dark and dreary, it’s best to follow the sun. Make sure the arrangement of your furniture is optimal for enjoying winter’s brief moments of sunlight: place a lounge chair under the window or set up a cosy little reading nook. Nothing’s better on a rainy day than having a warm little nest to curl up in with a good book. If you have a fireplace, make sure your lounges and chairs are arranged around it, because everyone is going to want to sit in front of the fire and thaw out after a day in the cold.

Add Greenery

Nothing brightens up a room quite like plants. Their rich colours warm up a room and make a house feel more like a home. You don’t even need to go out and buy new plants to add some greenery to the room, simply bring in your plants from outside. They will probably fare better kept in the warm indoors rather than outside exposed to the cold.


What screams warm and cosy more than candles? Candles are extremely versatile: they can enhance the appearance of any room and match any colour scheme. Not only do candles look great in winter, you can indulge your other senses with scented candles, filling your home with the rich perfumes of sandalwood or pear.

When you have a beautiful home, you want to keep it beautiful year round. Just a few small changes can instantly make a difference and keep your house feeling stylish and in-season all year round. Try a few of these ideas and see if you don’t start feeling a little cosier.