Land For Sale In Perth Coastal Strip Makes A Perfect Home Base

Work in the big city, but want a more laid-back lifestyle? Buying land for sale in Perth, along the coastal strip will help you blend the best of two worlds. An easy commute via car and accessible public transport options which take you to the Perth CBD, you know that when your day’s labour is done, you will come home to paradise in Capricorn Yanchep.

Big City Job Opportunities Near By 

For many people, working 50 minutes away from Perth makes perfect sense. As the capital of WA, and the fourth most populous city in the country, Perth has a vibrant job market. Whether you work in government administration, medical, law, finance, education, manufacturing, tourism, or many other industries, your company might be based there. Perth has long been the business centre for the many mining enterprises that take place elsewhere in the state.

Living in Perth is another story. While wages are good there, housing prices are out of site, with a median price of over $550,000 and many homes soaring into the millions. The cost of living is high, and the area is bustling. For this reason alone, many Perth residents head for the coast when they want to relax.

Cut Your Cost Of Living, Up Your Relaxation Factor

When you buy land in Yanchep, you do not have to confine the more relaxing pace of life to the weekend. You can find a great home where the median prices are over $100,000 less and enjoy a lower cost of living that you will notice at the supermarket and other places you frequent.

What is even better is that the pace of life is slower, even though the area has a lively tourist population. You can enjoy a beach minutes from your home, where you can begin or end your day with a swim or leisurely walk. Before you hit the highway, you can even sneak in an early round of golf. On weekends, you won’t have to leave Yanchep, as there are shopping and services in the centre of town. Along with a medical centre and a pharmacy.

For information on how to make this enticing lifestyle yours, contact Capricorn Yanchep today