Lodged: plan for future Yanchep

The structure plan for the Yanchep city centre has been updated to suit current consensus data, envisioning a metro hub, similar to Joondalup, providing employment for 15,000 within 50 years.

The 106ha site, east of the future Marmion Avenue extension, has undergone months of negotiations accounting for new census data.

This is great news to those building in the neighboring Capricorn Yanchep Estate, as construction on the planned gateway project will facilitate the growth of Yanchep city centre and its resources into the development.

Historically, demand causes coastal homes in Australia tend to hold or increase their value over time. This trend will only be supported by the exponential growth of a city district, employment opportunities, the ongoing extension of Marmion Avenue, and the anticipated train station.

As the report states, “Coupled with the potential early delivery of the train station, it is anticipated that the centre will attract high employment generating land uses, including the regional facilities such as a hospital, sports stadium and tertiary education facilities.”

Development of the Yanchep city centre is due to start within 10 years, and be complete within five decades.