Mike and Dora Upgrade and Downsize

Down sizers Mike and Dora Meyer are looking to the future with excitement as they begin construction of their new home at Capricorn Yanchep.

They are currently building a new three bedroom, two-bathroom home on a 333sqm lot close to the ocean after downsizing from their large four-bedroom home on a 700sqm in Wanneroo.

Originally from South Africa, Mike (63) and Dora (56) have chosen to build their new home in Capricorn Yanchep because of the future potential of the area.

“We looked at many areas to downsize but choose Capricorn Yanchep because of its coastal location and future potential of the area.

“Yanchep is well serviced by existing facilities but as the population increases, we believe additional new social infrastructure will take the area to another level such as plans to build a new town centre and the future redevelopment of the Club Capricorn Resort.

“As we get older, Dora and I will be able to easily access these new facilities while at the same time enjoying the wonderful coastal lifestyle the Estate offers.

“Both Dora and I are still pursing our careers but we found the large house in Wanneroo was occupying more of our time maintaining it and the cost of keeping it in a good condition was also an issue.

“When our kids left home, we decided to make the bold decision to down size now rather than waiting until we retired.

“By deciding to down size now, we were able to take time to select an area that best suited our long-term needs.

“After looking at a number of locations, we decided on Capricorn Yanchep because we love the coastal lifestyle and the lots were very affordable which will ensure we have additional funds to enjoy our retirement years after the sale of our Wanneroo property.

“Building our brand now home on a smaller lot at Capricorn Yanchep also means we have more time to enjoy our lives rather than worrying about the upkeep of a large property.

“Our builder’s life time construction warranty also means that we not be financially burdened by unexpected maintenance costs which would be the case if we continued to stay in our Wanneroo property.

“Both Dora and I are very happy with our decision to downsize to Capricorn Yanchep and we are very confident about the future of the area,” he said.