Dig a little deeper and discover…
A smarter land buy

They say buying land and building a home is one of the most important life and financial decisions you will ever make. The first step in the journey should be deciding where you want to live. Over time a house loses value, while land value goes up, so where that land is located can make a big difference to your lifestyle, future wealth, security and happiness.

Getting it right is called making a ‘Smarter Land Buy’.

Dig a little deeper you’ll discover that Capricorn Beach in Yanchep is a Smarter land Buy…

The Property Buying Cycle

History has shown that beach-side land increases in value faster than land further away from the ocean. Just look at beach-side suburbs like Sorrento and their track record over the past 30 years. In the early 1980’s you could pick up a 700 sqm block in the first stages of Seacrest (Sorrento) for $18,000. Back then Sorrento was considered the end of the earth. Now you’d be lucky to find a block of quality for under $700,000.

If you’ve always wanted to live by the beach, this could be your last chance to grab a smarter land buy at an affordable price.

Now is the time to buy in Capricorn Beach before it becomes unaffordable.

Don’t be one of those people who look back and say “if only I had.”

Infrastructure Growth

Yanchep is going places with the Marmion Ave dual carriageway extension, future train station, primary and secondary schools, sporting precincts, surf club, parklands, future city centre and a beach-side resort, all next to the famous Yanchep lagoon.

History has proved that purchasing ahead of infrastructure development is a smarter land buy. Just look at suburbs like Butler before, during and after the train station arrived.

Capricorn Beach is expected to get its train station in 2021. That’s not far away. If you are waiting for the train you just may miss the boat. Right now the land is cheap when you compare it against other Northern corridor developments.

And Capricorn beach is closer to the beach….another good reason to invest. Now is the perfect time to get in.

Dig a little deeper, take a drive up Marmion Ave and visit our Estate Manager to discover more.

Established Community

There is no other land development like Capricorn Beach Yanchep. With mature natural trees shading beautiful parklands, you could be forgiven for thinking you are in an inland bush setting, when in reality, you are only moments from some of the most stunning beaches in Perth.

Capricorn Beach in Yanchep is an established community moving into its last stages of development. The last lots are close to the beach and represent amazing value when compared to other Northern corridor developments still in their early stages and further from the beach.

The close-knit community prides itself on being a safe place for families to enjoy the advantages of our incredible way of life.