Top Five Reasons To Check Out Land For Sale In Yanchep

If you’ve always dreamed of settling down right on WA’s beautiful coast line, there’s land for sale in Yanchep that can open the door to a great life for you and your family. The area, which now has a population of approximately 2,500 people, is predicted to grow to over 20,000 by the year 2031. By then, Yanchep will be a booming alternative just north of Perth. You can get in on the ground floor by settling there now.

Five Top Reasons To Buy Land For Sale In Yanchep

Yanchep is a popular tourist location that has plenty to offer to make it a great place to live, both now and in the future.

1. Beachfront lots.

Plenty of land is available in the Capricorn Beach development. There are lots available within a short 150m walk from the beach. While there is enough land in Yanchep to accommodate 10 times the current population, prime beach lots in this development will soon run out.

2. Dream home potential.

Land at Capricorn Beach is available separately or as part of a house and land package, so you have the flexibility to build the home of your dreams. Developers have worked hard to create attractive packages to suit 4 bed & 2 bath homes or 3 bed & 2 bath homes suitable for 12 to 15m wide lots, but if preferred you have the flexibility to buy a lot and work with your own architects to design and build your dream home.

3. Recreation all around you.

Assuming you want to do more than swim, fish, boat on the ocean and barbecue at home, there is plenty of other recreation available in the area. With the national park and other beautiful parks nearby, there are plenty of opportunities to play tennis, hike, picnic, explore nature, and enjoy installations of public art.

4. Growing amenities.

Amenities in Yanchep will continue to develop. New shopping centres make it less necessary to go to nearby Butler, Clarkson, or Joonalup, while a medical facility and a dedicated aged care facility make it possible to attend to all basic needs in the area. The area is served by bus routes that take residents to the Butler railway station, and from there to the regional city of Joondalup and the central business district of Perth.

5. Near Perth.

Longing for more city amenities and shopping? Perth is only 45 minutes away. Easily accessible via the freeway, the city is the administrative centre for business and government and offers many job opportunities in public administration, business services, manufacturing, health services, education, and more.

Pursue Opportunities For Settling In Yanchep

Visit Capricorn Yanchep at to find out more about land for sale now in this vibrant beachside community.