Yanchep Lagoon Cafe reopened!

Yanchep Lagoon Café works may still have a few weeks until final completion, that hasn’t stopped operator Bernado Alalid from serving refreshments this week.

Alalid was awarded a six-month lease of the Brazier Road site back in October, with the City of Wanneroo undertaking maintenance and repairs around the site since the lease signing on November 9. Councillor Linda Aitken said the City had not realized the extent of required works, so the café would not be fully operational for another two to three weeks.

Luckily for Yanchep residents and visitors though, Mr Alalid has been able to start selling drinks, ice creams, and some food, including barbecue meals, from November 30, until full appliances are installed.

Before taking up the lagoon lease, Mr Alalid owned and operated the Orion Café at Whitford City shopping centre.

So come down this weekend to enjoy the beautiful lagoon, some refreshments, and sun!