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The Capricorn Beach Foreshore development will bring a new lease of life to a very popular beach that has been a favourite spot of the Yanchep locals over many years. Ultimately it will see the transformation of 12 hectares of beachfront land into a stunning lifestyle destination with parklands, tourism resort, cafés and restaurants and a range of residential housing.

The Capricorn Beach Foreshore will feature beautiful landscaped parklands with children’s adventure play areas, a universal access path to the stunning protected beach, as well as retaining the closest carpark to the beach along the northern corridor.

The development will commence in Q2 2021 and will be developed over a series of stages.

Commencing Q2 2021, completion Q1 2022
Landscaped Parklands

New beachfront park with large open grass area for picnics and play, new trees for shade and sensitive coastal planting on retained dunes.

Road Connections

Extension of Capricorn Esplanade and upgrade of the lower foreshore carpark.

Footpath Extensions

Beach access footpaths, 450m extension of foreshore footpath to the north.

Picnic & Barbeque Facilities

Picnic shelters with BBQ facilities with seating areas.

Beachside Plaza

Pedestrian friendly plaza with brickpaved road, wide footpaths with feature seating areas and large shady street trees.

Children’s Playground

Children’s play area including a flying-saucer basket swing, see-saw and feature boat and cubby in sand play area.


Extension of coastal planting areas, pathways and viewing decks, feature seating areas, bike racks, lighting and much more.

Road Connections

Extension of Capricorn Esplanade through to Two Rocks Road including walking and cycle path and street trees.

Public Carpark

A new 75 bay car park off the Beachfront Plaza will provide access for families to the Foreshore playgrounds and beach access.

Public Toilets & Changerooms

Architect designed facility nestled into the existing coastal dune for public amenities, with surf lifesaving storage facilities.

Beach Access

Timber deck path to a new beach access at the north end of Foreshore.

Adventure Playground

Play equipment including a play tower with dual tunnel slides, dancing snake swing and angled climbing net.

The current private driveway from the Two Rocks Road roundabout to the Capricorn Beach Foreshore area will be closed from Q2 2021 through to approximately Q3 2022 to facilitate the construction of the new foreshore area.

The road closure will be in place to enable the complete upgrade of this private access road to a fully compliant public road.

Access to the Capricorn Beach Foreshore area and lower beachfront carpark will be made available from Q4 2021. Access will be from the new extension of Capricorn Esplanade as part of Stage 1 of the Capricorn Beach Foreshore works.

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What other shops will be in the neighbourhood centre on Two Rocks road?

We have not yet secured a purchaser for the site. However, once we do, we will provide the community insight as to the other shops that will make up this area of the retail development.

When will the tavern be built?

We have been in discussions with agents and investors to develop the local shops and possibly a tavern at Capricorn Beach for several years.

However, unfortunately, the market conditions in the last few years have not supported the investment necessary to secure the major tenants and deliver the facilities.

We are hopeful that the opening of the Yanchep train station at the end of 2022 will boost the local population, improve the investment opportunity, and draw in the perfect fit for the new tavern.

When will the road to the train station be completed?

The new Yanchep Train Station is set to be opened in 2022. For more information on the extension of the Joondalup Train Line, see the government website linked here.

There is no confirmed date for the road to be connected to the train station yet. The completion of the road works will depend on the timeline of the train station development and further works to be undertaken by the adjoining developer.

What are the construction timeframes for each stage?

Stage One

Late 2021

Road works will be completed – including the extension of Capricorn Esplanade.

Jan – Jun 2022

Landscaping works surrounding amenities in the foreshore area will be completed, including a new beachfront park, new mature trees for shade, and environmentally friendly coastal dune planting.

Stage Two

Jan 2022 – September 2022

Road works will be completed – including the extension of Capricorn Esplanade through to Two Rocks Road, including footpaths and cycling paths.

September 2023 – January 2023

Stage two landscaping works will be completed, including coastal planting, pathways and ocean viewing decks, complete with seating areas and bike racks.

To learn more about what each stage will include, check out the Capricorn Foreshore Homepage and our recent blog article, “Introducing the Capricorn Foreshore.”

Development of the Yanchep & Two Rocks Community Infrastructure

When will the tourist precinct open?

The site for the tourist precinct is yet to be taken to market. The delivery time will depend on the purchaser of the site. However, as soon as we find the right purchaser/operator to create the ideal tourist experience, we will let the community know.

What will the tourist precinct include?

The exact nature of what the tourist precinct of the new foreshore will look like is still to be determined. The precinct will provide long or short term accommodation in the form of either apartments or hotels. The site is 17,000 square metres in total.

What will the new foreshore include?

In short, the new foreshore will bring a selection of new cafes, restaurants, and shops to the area and improve beach and park amenities.

To elaborate:

Eventually, there will be a ‘mixed-use’ multi-level building at the park-front of the new Foreshore development site. The lower floors will hold retail shops and cafes, and the upper floors will have ocean view apartments. With the Yanchep community continuously growing, we believe the market for this type of apartment living will quickly develop. This completion of this ‘mixed use’ building is still several years done the track.

While this building is being completed, the developers will be bringing amenities to the foreshore by building a new café and bar, a beach kiosk and a new shared space for activities.

The shared space will be used as a Land Sales Centre for community activities such as yoga and exercise classes, creative workshops and art exhibitions, and community meetings.

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