5 Reasons to Retire by the Sea

5 Reasons to Retire by the Sea

If you’re thinking of retiring, here’s why you should be thinking beachside:


When you live close to the beach, it encourages you to be more physically active, leading to a healthier lifestyle. Whether it inspires you to take an evening stroll or take a dip in the ocean, you’ll be doing great things for your body when you get out and enjoy the wonderful seaside right on your doorstep.

You’ll also benefit from an extra dose of Vitamin D, after remembering to slip, slop, slap, that sun on your skin has great autoimmune benefits for bone health. Even the air improves your health – as breathing the salty air has proven benefits to the respiratory system, including improving asthma and bronchitis. After a dip in the sea, you’ll also notice you’ll sleep like a baby – the high levels of magnesium in the ocean helps induce sleep!


Moving to a coastal community like Yanchep also means that there are multiple like-minded folks around, with established interest hobby groups too. There’s the Lions Club of Yanchep and Two Rocks, Diabetes Local Support Network, Red Hawks Football Club, the Probus Club, Residents Association, Capricorn House Coffee Club, as well as the Yanchep Two Rocks Tourism and Artist Networks. You’ll never be without a friend or something to do in Yanchep!


Yanchep is full of beautiful places and people, but somehow over it’s years of development has still maintained its quaint atmosphere. On the busiest summer days, you’ll still be able to find a quiet stretch of beach to walk, or a shady park tree to read under. After a life of hustle and bustle, retirement is all about relaxing.

Custom Homes

In Capricorn Beach, we have a range of block sizes to suit everyone. We work closely with our builder partners to come up with perfect house and land packages to suit retirees, featuring smaller lots with larger lifestyle specifications. That means less time needlessly pruning and mowing huge lawns and gardens, and more time catching up with friends in your beautiful garden.

However, just because you have a smaller yard, doesn’t mean you can’t get outside to enjoy the feeling of grass under your feet. Capricorn Beach is full of wide-open greenspaces and naturally shady trees, perfect for finding 30 or walking your four-legged friend.


Just because it’s coastal, doesn’t mean Yanchep is far from the amenities loved in more metro areas. Capricorn Beach homes are only minutes from Yanchep Central shopping centre, featuring a Woolworths, butcher, newsagency, hairdresser, travel agent, Red Dot, bakery, McDonalds and more! There’s also local dentists, physiotherapists, and doctors for when you need them. If you’re a little weary of the tides, you’ve also got the stunning Yanchep National Park only 5 minutes away, including a café and restaurant/pub. There’s also a golf course and many, many places to explore.


If you’re interested in retiring by the sea, give us a call today on 08 9561 6018