Whether you’re a buyer, builder or still in the process of deciding whether Capricorn Beach will be your new home, you will find all the information you need to help you through the process right here. If there is anything further you require, don’t hesitate to contact us on


Capricorn takes great pride in the overall design and community vision for each precinct. The design guidelines give residents confidence in knowing there is a high-quality standard for homes and landscaping that aims to ensure the coastal character of Capricorn stays intact. There is a protection of personal and community investment, with a certainty of design quality in a harmonious coastal environment.


Find your estate’s local development plans ready for download below.

Fencing and Landscaping Applications

Am I eligible for a fencing or landscaping package?
If you have a fencing or landscaping annexure in your contract, you may be eligible for the packages as long as you have submitted your plans and colours for approval and have been given full developer approval. If you are in doubt, feel free to contact our administration team at

When do I have to apply for my fencing and landscaping?
As per your contract, fencing and landscaping must be applied for 8 weeks before your handover is expected. This is to ensure fencing is completed in time for you as our contractors work on many lots. If you are well past this date, we can still accept your applications, however please be aware that an 8-week wait can still apply.

How do I apply for fencing or landscaping?
Please download the forms located below and fill out all pages of both forms. Please remember to also attach a copy of your site plan. Once these are filled out then send these documents to our administration team at


‘Refer a friend’ terms and conditions click here.

House & Land Submission Form For Builder

Complete the interactive house and land package submission form click here.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have access to NBN?
At Capricorn Yanchep, all stages developed from 2018 onwards will be connected to the NBN as part of the rollout of the network. Existing stages within the community will be connected to the Telstra Velocity Network which will provide access to broadband internet plus free to air TV!

How do I secure a lot?
First it is important you have your finances in order, a finance pre-approval letter from your bank or broker must be presented at the time of signing a land contract. A $2000 deposit is then payable. We are happy to place a lot on hold while your finances are being sorted however can only hold land for up to a week.

How far is the beach?
As Yanchep's only coastal Estate you can live within 150m to the beach. We also have a large range of lots as close as 600m to the beach and on the doorstep of a 3.6ha Feature Park. There are two beach access boardwalks which connect the estate to Yanchep's stunning coastline. Visit our land for sale page to see what we have available.

Is Capricorn Yanchep a Private Estate?
Capricorn Yanchep is a private, master planned community you and your families can rest easy in knowing you are a part of a vibrant, safe and proud community. The term ‘Private Estate’ means no government mandates are imposed. Every block sold within Capricorn Yanchep is sold to a private buyer who has the financial capacity and community spirit needed to ensure Capricorn Yanchep is a place you and your families can be proud of and where every family has respect for their property and neighbours.