5 Things Only People Who Live By the Beach Understand

Life’s different for those lucky people who live by the beach. For them, the beach is more than just a place for a day out; it’s their home and their lifestyle. Their lungs are filled with the salty sea air and their skin is kissed with a warm, bronze sun tan. That’s why there are some things only people who live the relaxed beachside lifestyle will understand. Here are 5 of the things that set apart these beach dwellers from the rest.

1.  Boredom Isn’t Part of Your Vocabulary

People who live by the beach don’t understand their non-seaside counterparts when they complain of being bored. There’s never a reason to be bored when the ocean is just a short stroll away. You can swim, snorkel, boogie board and surf in the water, play sports like beach cricket and volleyball on the shore, or just enjoy the feeling of sand between your toes. The beach is an infinite source of fun and enjoyment, even if you’re just sitting, listening to the waves and watching the world go by.

2. You Don’t Get People Who Don’t Love the Beach

When you live by one of the most beautiful sceneries in the world, it’s almost impossible to understand how anyone can not love the beach. When you hear people say they don’t like the beach, they may as well be saying they don’t enjoy eating, sleeping or breathing: the beach is a basic necessity of life for you. You love the way the sunlight sparkles off the waves, you love having wavy beachy hair, you love the sand, even when it’s in your clothes, bag and bed at night. If people don’t get that, you don’t get them!

3. You Appreciate the Beach All Year Round

When summer comes along each year, you share your little slice of coastal heaven with visitors from far and wide. When the weather is hot, people flock to the seaside to cool down with a dip in the ocean, but those who live on the coast understand the beach isn’t just about summer. When you live by the sea, you have a newfound appreciation for the beauty of a beach in winter and know the scenery is just as stunning set across a grey sky. In fact, you may even prefer beach trips in winter where you have it all to yourself as your own private sanctuary.

4. Shoes Aren’t a Necessity

Some people may be appalled at the thought of walking down to the supermarket barefoot, but not the humble beach bum. Shoes just get in the way and make it harder to run across the sand – and you certainly can’t wear them when you go for a dip. At best, you might throw on a pair of thongs now and then, but anything you can’t wear to the beach doesn’t belong in your life. You’d happily trade sneakers and heels for another pair of swimmers any day of the week.

5. There is No Better Place to be than by the Sea

When you have the beach in your blood, there’s nowhere you’d rather be. It’s the perfect place for any occasion. Your perfect date is an ice-cream and watching the sun set over the sea and you even imagine getting married on the beach some day. Though you may travel and see all kinds of exotic places in your life, you always feel happiest with the sea breeze in your hair.

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