DIY Beachside Living Home Inspiration

Stunning beachside living room with an open view of the ocean, featuring modern furniture and a cosy interior

When you’ve secured your slice of real estate paradise, like a beachside block of land at Capricorn Beach Yanchep, we’ve got some tips and tricks on how to bring the coastal lifestyle into your new home.

A beachy style brings relaxation, and a sense of ease and makes your home feel like a haven, a place you can switch off and get away from the stresses beyond – just like you do on holiday!

Here are some ways to transform your beachside living space.



The frontage of your home sets the tone for your space, and your backyard is somewhere you want to create your own oasis!

When you living coastal, you’ll need to carefully select plants and design your outdoor spaces with the natural elements and weather in mind, accounting for the salty, humid air, breezes and gales coming in from the ocean, and the sandy soils.

Look to the natural surroundings for your inspiration. A mix of Eucalypts or Banksias tends to tolerate the coastal conditions well, for smaller shrubs, some good options are Wooly Bush, Coastal Rosemary, or Diosma. Ground-covering succulents like naturally growing Pigface, and Bear’s Paw bring the beach into your home, as do native grasses like Coast Tussock and Orange Sedge.

And what beachside home wouldn’t be complete without a deck! Use wood, stone, natural rocks, granite, or sandstone to build the landscaping features and structure.

Top it off with a fire pit and some relaxing furniture and you’ve created your own, ultimate coastal oasis.


Interior Design

Whether you’re going for a beach chic, eclectic shack look, Hamptons luxury or anything in between, it all depends on your personal choices that represent your personality.

  • Mixed wood finishes. Don’t be afraid of competing grains and stains, wood finishes, especially adding some raw, driftwood texture will bring the elements in.
  • Panelling on the ceiling or walls gives a beach shack/nautical feel.
  • Style windows as individuals that tie a bigger picture together, rather than being carbon copies. It’s ok to blend curtains in the bedrooms with shutters or blinds in living spaces throughout the house.
  • Furniture choices should focus on natural fibres and neutral tones and be as relaxed as possible. Rather than sleek, sophisticated lines, think more “elemental”, use wood, wicker, fabric, rattan, bamboo, linen, cotton, jute, hemp and wool.
  • Light colours brighten your interior. Primarily white brings a sense of openness and elevates the space and brightness. Use natural tones for a beach chic feel, or add some dark navy blue and stripes for a Hamptons look.


Beachside Living Maintenance

The salt and the sand may be therapeutic for us, but homes in a coastal location need a little more help to maintain their aesthetic and condition.

To begin with, select durable building materials like treated wood, stainless steel or corrosion-resistant metals, durable cladding, rust-proof fibreglass or vinyl, and keep on top of care of your painted finishes.

Letting the sea breeze through is an incomparable feeling, but it can bring salt into your home, which can erode flooring, wood, metals, window and door frames etc. You’ll need to ensure you clean and wipe down surfaces to remove the salty residue and protect them from damage.

This is especially true for your outdoor space, decking, doors, windows and furniture. Regular cleaning is a must.

A sealed shed or storage space is a practical essential – a place to keep your beach equipment as well as outdoor furniture and tools away from the salty build-up. Having a hose nearby is also an advantage, as you can rinse down your returning beach equipment before you put it away safely.


Capricorn Beach

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