Capricorn Beach Smarter Land Buy Checklist

Capricorn Beach Smarter Land Buy Checklist

They say buying land and building a home is one of the most exciting life decisions you will ever make. The first step in the journey should be deciding where you want to live. Over time a house loses value, while land value goes up, so where that land is located can make a big difference to your lifestyle, future wealth, security and happiness.

Getting it right is called making a ‘Smarter Land Buy’.

Dig a little deeper you’ll discover that Capricorn Beach in Yanchep is a Smarter land Buy…

A unique coastal community surrounded by pristine white beaches, beautiful parks with mature shady trees, and fully established amenities such as schools, shops, cafes, restaurants and recreational facilities, Capricorn Beach is waiting for you!

Campground Adventure Park is a 2.4 hectare centrepiece parkland with adventure play equipment and family picnic areas and of course, who could forget the world famous Yanchep Lagoon?

It is a beautiful place to live.

With lots starting from just $245,000 you can make a huge difference to the equity growth of your home, creating future wealth for you and your family. Historically, homes closer to the ocean tend to generate growth at a faster rate than homes further from the coast. Pick the right spot, at the right time, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Buying in an area with established amenities and an established plan for infrastructure growth solidifies the equity growth opportunity of your property. Access to public transport, school, shops, parks, sporting grounds and community facilities makes for a more attractive place to live.

Buying at Capricorn Beach means buying into an established community. All the amenities you and your family could ever need are within walking distance, just a few steps from your doorstep. Combine the existing amenities with the plans for future infrastructure growth and Capricorn Beach becomes the ultimate ‘Smarter Land Buy.’

Capricorn Beach Smarter Land Buy ChecklistBEACHES
Yanchep’s only beachfront estate boasts a picturesque stretch of pristine white beaches.
Only a short 500m walk to the beach, this location is perfect for swimming, snorkelling and fishing or simply relaxing with family and friends. Patrolled by the Surf Life Saving service, Yanchep Lagoon is by far the most popular swimming and snorkelling spot for locals.

Capricorn Beach Smarter Land Buy ChecklistPARKS

Capricorn Beach offers an abundance of beautiful open spaces and established parks with our signature mature shady trees to relax and play under.
Just a short drive away from the historic Yanchep National Park, featuring more than 400 caves, a museum, BBQ facilities, native animals and a number of walking trails, our parks suit everyone.

Capricorn Beach Smarter Land Buy ChecklistPLAYGROUNDS

Capricorn Beach features lots of fantastic play equipment to encourage imaginative activities for younger family members.
With tennis courts, footy goals, walkways and public art installations, your kids will never be far from something fun to do in this beautiful area.

Capricorn Beach Smarter Land Buy ChecklistSCHOOLS

Living at Capricorn Beach means you can enjoy the relaxed coastal lifestyle and still have access to outstanding education opportunities for your children.
With two early learning centres, after-hours childcare facilities, a primary school and a brand new district high school nearby, Capricorn Beach is the perfect place to raise your family.

Capricorn Beach Smarter Land Buy ChecklistSHOPS

The best part about joining us at Capricorn Beach is that the estate is part of the thriving Yanchep community.
Everything your family could need and want is already here. There is a fantastic range of excellent shops and brand new café strip, offering great food and coffee.
We also have an established local medical centre and dentist available.

Capricorn Beach Smarter Land Buy ChecklistCOMMUNITY

Facilities such as the foreshore park, medical centre, local surf club, terraced picnic areas, as well as beach access boardwalks are on their way, and we can’t wait to welcome you into our vibrant community. Capricorn Beach is waiting for you!

Capricorn Beach Smarter Land Buy ChecklistSPORTING PRECINCT & PLAYING FIELDS

We are proud of our state of the art sporting precinct and playing fields, and you should be too! With regularly maintained and renewed equipment we have everything an active Aussie family needs.

Capricorn Beach Smarter Land Buy ChecklistFUTURE CITY CENTRE, TRAIN STATION AND RESORT

While our community is well established, we still have some exciting and unique developments planned in the very near future. With a luxurious beachside resort on the way, designs for an improved City Centre, and new train station arriving, there’s a lot for you and your family to look forward to in Yanchep!

If you’re interested in house and land packages in Capricorn Beach, we have a range of options available. We also have Land Only options.