Great for the Grandkids & Great Value: Why Terri & Cliff Love Their Capricorn Beach Home

Great for the Grandkids & Great Value: Why Terri & Cliff Love Their Capricorn Beach Home

“I love walking outside and hearing the ocean waves crashing on the shore. It’s beautiful, so peaceful.” – Cliff, Capricorn Beach local


Terri and Cliff love their Western Australian coastal lifestyle and living near their family in beautiful natural surroundings has always been a top priority.


Over their years, especially in the last couple, Terri and Cliff have found living in WA certainly has its benefits. The cherry on top is living in Yanchep, with the ocean just a short walk away and pristine National Park bushland ripe for exploring just down the road.


After deciding they wanted to downsize and create a beautiful home for their retirement, the grandparents did extensive and thorough research into their options. Struck by the picturesque coastline of the suburbs north of the city, they decided this coastal area was where they wanted to be. So, why Yanchep? Why Capricorn Beach?


Cliff explained that it all comes down to the excellent value. He identified that although only 15 minutes further north than other developed areas, the Capricorn Beach land was $100,000 less expensive, of higher quality, and in a better position.


Terri saw Capricorn Beach as the ultimate opportunity to be closer to the ocean than ever before and build exactly the home they wanted, whilst spending less than they would have at other developments.


Terri and Cliff didn’t just have themselves in mind when choosing the site for their new home. They wanted it to be a place to create beautiful memories with their grandchildren for the years to come. As a safe and welcoming community, Yanchep was the perfect place for days at the park, exploring the natural wildlife and beach adventures. Terri and Cliff’s Capricorn Beach home is in the ideal location – oppositive a park with a huge adventure playground, slide and barbeque area. As Terri put it, “With seven grandchildren, it’s fantastic!”


Terri and Cliff couldn’t think of a more idyllic, scenic, and peaceful place to have built their dream house.


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