Land in Yanchep, a great beachside living option

While living in a big city can be energising, it can also be exhausting. The traffic, the parking, the pollution, and the general busyness of a city like Perth can entrap you in a vicious circle.

Land for sale in Yanchep offers new possibilities for a relaxing lifestyle in a coastal community not too far away.

When you live near the beach, you can lead the life you want while comfortably commuting to work for your job just 50 minutes away.

Yanchep, Past, Present, And Future

Yanchep is situated within the northern point of the Perth Coastal Strip. Developers, including the golfer Alan Bond, took an interest in the area in the 1970s and they began building. Interest died down, but after the Western Australian state government issued its Directions 2031 Urban Expansion Plan, Yanchep was on the radar once again as a prime place to live.

Currently, the population stands at about 2,500, but the population is expected to be over 20,000 by 2031. That is still a fraction of the 1.7 million people who reside in Perth. Which means Yanchep will always be a smaller, more laid-back, beachside residential area. Its current land boundaries make it about 221.4 km2 (8,100 hectares or 20,000 acres). Right now, most of the population lives in developments near Yanchep Beach Rd., but there is plenty of room for expansion.

Even if you work in Perth, you will come home to coastal living in a city with a vision. Those who move to Yanchep enjoy its long white beaches and great surfing. There are plenty of other things to do in the area, including golf and a host of recreational activities at the nearby national park. You can raise your kids with an appreciation of nature and of what’s important in life, far removed from the commercialism of the city.

Land For Sale In Yanchep Lays The Groundwork For A Great Life

Though Yanchep is still growing, it has all the amenities you’ll need for a growing family, a couple, or single person. There are several great public schools for the kids, plus a growing core of restaurants and shops that offer you the goods and services you need. When you pull your car in the garage on Friday after a long work week in the city, you’ll be happy for a couple of uninterrupted days in this beautiful community by the sea.

Does this glorious beachside lifestyle appeals to you? Contact Capricorn Yanchep today for information about land for sale in Yanchep, the most developed of the new suburbs near Perth.