This is living at Capricorn Beach

This is living at Capricorn Beach

You’ve had your morning coffee and read the paper. The kids left the house early to meet their friends at the park and hubby is at work. You grab your hat, sunscreen, towel and book.

250 steps later and you’re lying on the beach, relaxing in the sun, knowing that life is pretty good.

This is living at Capricorn Beach.

Sound too good to be true? With land prices starting from just $225,000 it could be you lying on the beach reading your book! This beautiful growing community offers you the kind of lifestyle that you have been dreaming about. Only 20 minutes from the heart of busy central Joondalup, Capricorn Beach has all the facilities and amenities you need to life a relaxed beach side life.

  1. State of the Art facilities
    Boasting Yanchep Central shopping centre, early childhood facilities, primary schools, a new district High School, playgrounds, aged care facilities, restaurants and surf club, Yanchep has everything you need for true beach side living. What else could you need?
  2. Location
    20 minutes from The City of Joondalup and less than 60 minutes from Perth this development is right on the beach. And we mean literally. On the beach.
  3. Safety
    Known for its community values and friendly atmosphere, Yanchep is considered a safe and sound neighbourhood, ideal for families.
  4. Community
    Community values are at the heart of Yanchep living. With regular scheduled events and a strong community atmosphere, you’ll be enjoying fun activities and neighbourhood BBQs all summer long. Seriously. You’ll almost be sick of the beautiful sunsets. Almost but not quite.
  5. Dynamic and exciting
    Yanchep is going places. More and more people are recognising the value and beauty of this place, so don’t miss out on your chance to secure a little piece of paradise.
  6. Yanchep National Park
    Debatably one of the most breathtaking national parks in Western Australia, with something for everyone, Yanchep National Park boasts nine walking trails from 500m in length to 46.2kms, a Koala boardwalk, stunning caves and beautiful picnic spots.
  7. Atmosphere
    With the surrounding beauty comes an element of peace not available in the City, so sit back and enjoy the ambience.
  8. The Lagoon
    World famous Yanchep Lagoon is just one of the nearby beaches, a perfect place to snorkel, swim and fish. An area of stunning natural beauty, it never fails to take your breath away. Featuring great surfing, kite-surfing, SUP and other water-sport spots, Yanchep is truly one in a million.
  9. Excellent investment opportunity
    The unreal location, purchase prices and projected population growth mean buying a home at Capricorn Beach will give you a solid return on your investment. Don’t miss out in this fantastic opportunity.
  10. Price
    With one of the most competitive prices per square metre available for coastal blocks in WA, Capricorn Beach offers true beach side living blocks at very affordable prices.

Pack the kids in the car, and bring the dog. Come and stay for the day and you might find that you never want to leave.

Dig a little deeper and discover all that Capricorn Beach Yanchep has to offer. You won’t be disappointed. We love it here and we know you will too.

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