Must Do Day Trips from Yanchep

Must Do Day Trips from Yanchep

So, the grey skies are disappearing but it’s not quite warm enough to go for a swim at the beach. What do you do? You go on a road trip!


The quaint town of Gingin is just 45 minutes from Yanchep which makes it perfect for a quick day trip. Gingin is one of the oldest towns in Western Australia, and retains some important remnants of its pioneering days. Originally a rest stop for horses traveling between Perth and Geraldton dating back to the 1850’s, Gingin quickly developed into an agricultural town which still remains today. A compact and accessible walking trail has been identified, featuring many historical attractions within the town’s Central Precinct.


Just an hour north of Yanchep, the small fishing town of Lancelin is one of WA’s best kept secrets. Home to a relaxed seaside lifestyle, white sandy beaches and pitch perfect sand dunes, this tourist hotspot is renowned for activities such as fishing, dolphin spotting, sandboarding, four-wheel driving and quad biking.

Fishing enthusiasts could argue that Lancelin is Perth’s fishing mecca! There are plenty of fishing options available for all skill levels, from jigging squid off the jetty to slinging a rod on the beach for some Tailor or a trip to the outer reefs for those with a boat.

Sandboarding is so much fun, all you need is a sand-board and some wax! If you don’t have your own, there are plenty of places in town to rent them. You’ll need a 4WD to access the dunes, or if you have a 2WD, you’ll have to park at the base of the dunes and walk in (don’t worry it’s not far). From the top of the dunes, you can see the ocean, this makes for a breath-taking vantage point to watch the sunrise or sunset.

Pinnacles Desert

Famous for the beautiful limestones pillars, The Pinnacles Desert is 1 hour and 45 minutes from Yanchep and sits inside the Nambung National Park. There is a driving track through the desert with parking bays at several points along the way for those wishing to stop and explore the fascinating Pinnacles Desert on foot. The Pinnacles date back thousands of years and in some places, reach up to 3.5m tall.

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