Interview with Northern Beaches Cycling Club

Northern Beaches Cycling Club

Cycling enthusiasts in the Capricorn Yanchep area were delighted last month when Wanneroo Council approved a temporary new bike track in the heart of Yanchep.

Among them was Dr Chris Howard, President of the Northern Beaches Cycling Club.

“Our cycling club had previously been training informally in a car park in Mindarie and we’d been training many juniors there as well,” said Dr Howard.

Upon seeing the site at Splendid Park playing fields on Marmion Avenue, the cycling club thought the site’s existing footpath could be a possible temporary location for a cycle track.

The Council has now agreed to a twelve month trial for the temporary circuit, with $70,000 being put towards planning for a permanent circuit around Splendid Park’s perimeter.

Yanchep Northern Beaches Cycling Club

Just a short distance from Capricorn Beach and a stone’s throw from homes in the area, the bike track is a huge bonus for families living in the area. Students from Yanchep Beach Primary School will also be able to enjoy the new bike track, which is only five minutes away from the school.

“There’s a real opportunity to get out there and enjoy a relaxing, fun ride without having to worry about traffic in an area where there is strong growth,” said Dr Howard.

Already a hub of activity for children living in Capricorn Yanchep, other plans for Splendid Park include a $700,000 skate park that will have a range of obstacles to suit children of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to pro skaters.

The proposed skate park is expected to be built near the proposed Marmion Avenue extension later this year.