Our Top 5 Trails to Do in Yanchep National Park

Our Top 5 Trails to Do in Yanchep National Park

Our Top 5 Trails to Do in Yanchep National Park

Are you looking to explore the beautiful WA bush but not interested in driving hours away from the city? Yanchep National Park is the perfect solution!

Just 40-50 minutes outside the city, Yanchep National Park boasts stunning native wildflowers, unique Australian wildlife with our community of koalas, and transportive underground limestone caves.

Yanchep National Park has a variety of trails, each with different wildlife and landscapes to discover and suited to different experience levels. Check out our trail recommendations below.

Fun & Easy – Perfect for Families

Yanchep Caves Walk – 2.7km Loop

This trail is great for all ages and perfect for a beginner day-trip hike that doesn’t leave you sweaty and exhausted.

Stop along the way at the only limestone caves open to the public under an hour away from Perth. Tours are available at Crystal Cave to learn more about the history and geology of the underground wonderland.

Yanchep Boomerang Gorge – 1.9km Loop

  • Kangaroo spotting
  • Easy, flat trail
  • Under 30 minutes

This trail is perfect for a quick walk after lunch to get a taste of the bush and help the kids burn off some energy. It also takes you past Henry White Oval, so don’t forget to bring a footy to kick around.

For the Explorers

Ghosthouse Trail – 11.7km Loop

  • Wildlife hot spot
  • Explore haunted historical ruins
  • Opportunity for camping overnight along the way

Ghosthouse Trail is Yanchep National Park’s highest rated trail on the popular hiking website, AllTrails.

The Ghosthouse Trail gets its name from the historical remains of a house along the trail, believed to be haunted. The ruins form an old doorway and surrounding limestone wall – perfect for a photo session along the way.

It’s also a great spot for spotting wildlife, with kangaroos often hanging around the trail’s edge and the Yanchep National Park Koala sanctuary located at the end of the walk.

Koalas are not native to WA, so Yanchep National Park is one of the few places in the state where you can see them outside of a zoo.

For more information, check out this website.

Longer Hikes & Multi-Day Trails

Cockatoo Trail – 16.6km Loop

  • Carnaby Black Cockatoo spotting
  • Perfect for wildflower season
  • Sandy terrain

This train is perfect for committed birdwatchers and those interested in seeing wildflowers in the spring. The trail tracks mostly through low lying vegetation, with little shade, and is suited to the cooler months.

Coastal Plane Trail – 50km

  • Multi-Day trail
  • Not a loop – End up in Mariginiup
  • Experienced hikers & runners

Starting near the Yanchep Inn, this trail is for experienced hikers looking to see as many different types of WA landscapes as they can in a single hike. You’ll discover shady bushland, classic sandy WA low lying shrubland, and coastal plains on this trail.

It’s possible to do the entire trail in one day. However, there are three overnight camping sites along the trail for those that want to break up the distance.

Capricorn Beach in Yanchep – the only thing missing is you!

Discovering these trails doesn’t have to mean a day trip or camping overnight.

At Capricorn Beach, the Yanchep National Park is right in your backyard.

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