Top 6 Classic Coastal Materials


From shell to shore these coastal materials belong in your beachside bargain home. Sustainable, enduring, textural, soft – these are the qualities that make natural coastal elements unique and complementary to each beach home.

DIY projects are not just for handymen and avid craftswomen. With a range of ideas flooding Pinterest and Instagram, there is a beach-inspired project for everyone. Wall hangers and rustic chairs are two simple ideas to personalise your home. Take a trip to your local discount store or surf Gumtree to find our top 6 classic coastal materials to compliment your home and enhance any DIY project.

  1. Driftwood: wood washed ashore by the sea has organic, sculptural qualities. Driftwood is ideal for designing picture frames or small coffee tables.
  2. Bamboo: invoking island ease and coastal elegance, it’s eco-friendly and doesn’t shrink or swell in humidity. Try using bamboo in glass jars surrounded by candles to create a miniature zen garden.
  3. Cotton: easily washable in the form of slipcovers, it’s genius at the beach, line dry to avoid shrinkage. Cotton linen and couch covers are affordable and trendy. With many stores offering a range of vibrant colours you will easily find the perfect slipcovers for you.
  4. Jute rope: a natural material (made from vegetable fibre), is timelessly classy. Jute is beautifully textured meaning it can quickly enhance any home by winding it around any curtain or lamp.
  5. Shell: sourced from the ocean, options like an oyster shell or mother-of-pearl are beautiful when hand-cut into intricate patterns. Shell collecting also makes a great treasure hunting game for the whole family!
  6. Wicker: nothing says “beach house” like an outdoor wicker setting. Woven from the tropical rattan plant, it scores for comfort, durability, and timeless style.

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