Top Beachside Benefits for your Body

Top Beachside Benefits for your Body

Did you know It’s human nature to seek bodies of water?

That’s why we are proud to have beautiful beachside lots available only a stone’s throw from the beach.

In fact, maps of the world’s population show that most human communities today live near water. If you are one of those unlucky few to still be living landlocked now is your chance to change that. Living by water is not only aesthetically pleasing it has been proven to have many health benefits. Here are the top three benefits for your body caused by beachside living.

  1. Fresh Air: gone are stuffy city streets and polluted neighbourhoods. Air-exposed to water – especially sea water – contains vast amounts of negative ions which help your body absorb oxygen more effectively and relieve stress.
  2. Better Sleep: water is known to relax the body and mind unlike anything else. Consider how many people like going to sleep at night to white noise or a sound machine. The sound of waves crashing and fluidity of water is helpful for a long nights rest. Living near water helps to clear the mind of unwanted thoughts allowing for a full rejuvenation every morning.
  3. A Stronger Immune System: goodbye stress and hello relaxation. A strengthened immune system positions us to fight off illness, disease and unwanted health issues. The best part is – once you live by the beach you don’t need to think about health benefits to benefit from them!

We all love living along coastlines, around the rims of bays, up the course of rivers and streams, and on islands. Heading to the beach for holidays is the norm, finding peace fishing, snorkelling, swimming and building sandcastles is what makes Australia home.

And guess what?

Beachside living could soon be your new norm. To find out more about how you can live in an affordable beachside lot visit: to discover more.