WA Government Announces Exciting Investment into Yanchep Public Schools

WA Government Announces Exciting Investment into Yanchep Public Schools

Yanchep is one of the fastest-growing areas in Western Australia, with more families choosing to build their dream coastal home in the community every day.


Due to this rapid growth, the Western Australian government has recently invested nearly $90 million into Yanchep’s public schools. The investment will help support the growing population of school-aged children and ensure that they have the best education and facilities possible.


At the official opening of the new facilities, Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery commented, “Never before have Yanchep had access to such high-quality public education.”


Public education is vital to our communities, and Capricorn Beach is delighted to hear that the schools in the area will continue to improve and develop over the coming years. The following schools will benefit from the investment:


Yanchep Rise Primary School 

Yanchep Rise Primary School has officially opened after a state government investment of $17.2 million. The new primary school will provide students with specialist programs in digital technology, visual arts, science, and physical education alongside the standard curriculum. At Yanchep Rise Primary, the students are at the centre of everything. Their team is excited to share the journey of opening a new school with the community and building a safe and supportive environment for all students.


Yanchep Lagoon Primary 

Yanchep Lagoon Primary received a $15 million investment for the redevelopment of several buildings. These included three new classroom blocks, a covered assembly area, new hard courts for playing, and a brand new library. The new facilities will provide the students with exciting new opportunities for learning, creativity, and connecting with their peers.


Yanchep Secondary College 

The second stage of the development of Yanchep Secondary College’s building program has officially opened. The second stage utilises the government’s $57.2 million investment to implement a new arts building including facilities for performing arts, music, and visual arts. It will also include media areas, in addition to a lecture theatre.


Why Yanchep is Perfect for Families 

Beyond the opportunity for excellent education in the area, Yanchep has so much to offer growing families.

  • The community has several beautiful parks, complete with exciting adventure playgrounds and shaded picnic areas, perfect for getting together with friends and family for a day of picnics and play.
  • Yanchep Lagoon is the ideal swimming spot for families with little ones. Protected by the surrounding reef, the lagoon water is calm and crystal clear, and the pure white sand is ready for you to set up your tent. Also, the beach is patrolled in the summertime by the Surf Life Saving Club to ensure your family’s safety.
  • The Surf Life Saving Club runs programs for children. It is an excellent place to form connections in the community whilst educating your kids on surf safety.
  • Yanchep National Park is perfect for families wanting to explore nature. It has plenty of facilities for barbecuing and picnicking and nine beautiful walking trails.
  • The extension of Mitchell Freeway and the Joondalup Train Line to Yanchep means that it will be easier than ever to access the City of Joondalup and Perth CBD.
  • Yanchep is a very safe and connected community. Neighbours look out for each other and warmly welcome new families. The attitude is very much “the more, the merrier.”


Learn More about Capricorn Beach 

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