What’s in Capricorn Beach?

What's in Capricorn Beach?

Capricorn Beach has all the benefits of a new estate while being full of established amenities and neighbours. There’s so much to love about the estate’s upcoming precincts, but what about what’s already in it?

Only 5 minutes from Capricorn Beach is Yanchep Central shopping centre, home to many specialty and chain stores including a major Woolworths, bank, fast food outlets, travel agent, bakery, butcher, bottle shop, and more!

With such a range of people making the move to Yanchep, medical facilities are a must. Lucky for those living in Capricorn Beach it’s only 5 minutes from Yanchep Medical Centre, offering a wide range of medical and support services. Yanchep Central also has Yanchep Central Dental and CP Massage too.

There’s also so many local shops and cafes dotted around, like Bib’s Tuck Shop in the heart of Capricorn Beach. It serves delicious coffee and treats to satisfy all those 3:30pm cravings. It’s also right across the road from Yanchep Beach Primary School, so it’s perfect for those after school catch ups. For the little ones, they can be taken care of right in the estate at Capricorn Beach Early Learning Centre (1 month to 5 years).

Of course, once you’re healthy, shopped out, coffee’d and fed, next is entertainment! There is so much to do in and around Yanchep. Campground Adventure Park is right in the heart of the new section of Capricorn Beach that’s bound to keep the kids happy for hours. There’s a great playground built into the existing sand dune, with a huge dune slide, as well as a scooter track, all under the shade of the retained trees. There’s also seating and undercover areas for Mum and Dad. Never mind exploring the beautiful coastline only moments from every lot in Capricorn Beach!

There’s so much to love about Capricorn Beach, all that’s to come and all that’s already in it. The real question is – why aren’t you?

What's in Capricorn Beach?