Yanchep From Then to Now


As Yanchep makes its resurgence into the psyche of popular WA beach-side living, this isn’t the first time it’s been in the spotlight as a go-to destination.

Looking back on Yanchep land’s long history, here are some of the memorable milestones and monuments that have helped shape its shores and colour its story.


Idyllic Paradise

For centuries, this coastal location was a bountiful hunting ground for Nyoongar people with its abundant mob of kangaroos and wetland wildlife. Yanchep’s name is believed to be derived from the Nyoongar word ‘Yandjip’ or ‘Yanget’, for the bulrush reeds that dominate the lakeside landscape.

Fishing and crayfishing built the foundation of a burgeoning community in the early 1900’s. Once the secret paradise of working families, their idyllic, relaxed way of living has carried through the decades to define its culture today.

In the 1930s, the Yanchep National Park was established for recreation, including being a training base for the Australian Olympic swimming and diving team at Crystal Pool in Gloucester Lodge. Eventually recognised for its ecological significance and wildlife, today Yanchep National is home to a vibrant native community of flora and fauna and adventure for visitors.


Evolution of Modern Living

In the late 1970’s, this quaint, quiet retreat caught the eye of WA entrepreneur Alan Bond, who saw the coastal area as the perfect spot to host the 1987 America’s Cup boat race, which he earmarked in Two Rocks.

This vision sparked the development of Yanchep Sun City, 20,000 acres of land with plans to build homes for 200,000 residents, which in hindsight may have been over ambitious.

Part of this vision, the Club Capricorn Resort, however, did enjoy success, with a long history of being enjoyed by many as a tourist destination.

In recent years, demand for housing and Yanchep land’s fast expansion has given rise to new opportunity, and this site is now the location of new residential development Capricorn Beach, signalling a new era in Yanchep history.


Yanchep Today

Today, there is much to enjoy and celebrate in Yanchep land. Fast becoming one of the most popular coastal communities for families looking for a pristine beach-side lifestyle, it’s surrounded by natural bushland and boasts growing infrastructure for its residents and tourists.

Schools, shopping, community building and facilities are all growing at a faster pace than ever before.

Road and rail networks are better linking Yanchep to its neighbouring hub Joondalup as well as the Perth CBD.

The Yanchep Rail Extension will complete the Joondalup Line from Butler to Yanchep to better connect the area, reduce congestion and support thousands of jobs.

The rail line will also service the new city centre, SunCity at Yanchep, which is set to become the only Australian strategic sustainable, clean green community within a metropolitan area.


Capricorn Beach

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