Location, Location, Location: Why Yanchep local David chose Capricorn Beach for his forever home

Location, Location, Location: Why Yanchep local David chose Capricorn Beach for his forever home

Talking to David about his new home in Capricorn Beach was incredibly heart-warming.

David and his family had lived in many different locations across Australia and then settled in Yanchep eight years ago after moving from New South Wales. Throughout their roaming around Australia, David sincerely feels that he and his family have never been more content than they are right now, living in Capricorn Beach.

Having lived in the Yanchep area for nearly a decade, David and his wife were sure they wanted to spend their future living the coastal lifestyle. When reflecting on why they chose Capricorn Beach, David said, “Location was what it was all about for us…we knew if we built, this is where we wanted to build.”

The recent incredible developments to infrastructure, and those planned for the future, such as the Capricorn Foreshore, the extension of the Joondalup Train Line to Yanchep, and the extension of Mitchell Freeway, were essential factors for David in pulling the trigger and settling in Capricorn Beach. With these infrastructure improvements in mind, David said, “…in regards to the future, here was a great place to be.”

The process of buying and deciding to build at Capricorn Beach was a bit of a whirlwind for David and his wife. Still, the Capricorn Beach staff were there every step of the way and made the experience very enjoyable and exciting. When thinking back about the purchasing process, David said, “Everything sort of just fell into place, we made the decision on the day we bought our block that it’s doable, and we didn’t want to wait too long because we’d seen these blocks were selling out quickly.”

Now well and truly settled in Capricorn Beach, and enjoying their modernised brand new home, David said, “… as a couple and as a family this is the happiest we have ever been.”

This was so great for the Capricorn Beach team to hear, and exactly what we hope for all our clients as they begin living the ideal coastal lifestyle.

When asked what he would say to people contemplating building their new home in Yanchep, David enthusiastically said, “Come down, buy a block in Yanchep. The more good people we’ve got here, the better.”

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