Yanchep’s New Dawn: From Tourist Hot Spot to Flourishing Community

Yanchep’s New Dawn: From Tourist Hot Spot to Flourishing Community

The Real Estate Industry of Western Australia’s (REIWA) June 2023 growth report has confirmed a shift in Yanchep’s narrative, which has seen it shake off its tourism label for good, to secure a new title as a ‘sought-after beachside community’.

Once dominated by tourists as a popular holiday destination, consistent data is now proving otherwise, as it increasingly catches the eye of discerning property investors.


Investment-Friendly Environment

Recent data now outlines a different picture of Yanchep, with an increasing number of families investing in properties here. Property ownership statistics show that 29.2% of homes are fully owned and an additional 50% are being purchased under the mortgage, signalling a secure and long-term investment potential.

Demographic data further supports the investment-friendly profile of the area, attracting a demographic with long-term plans; 32.3% of the population are children up to 18 years and 26.3% are adults 35 to 49 years, indicating young families are being drawn to the area for a multitude of lifestyle reasons.


Above Average Property Growth

Real estate figures for Yanchep are incredibly encouraging, displaying steady growth that continues to outperform Perth’s average. Over a year, sales growth in Yanchep rose to 3.7%, compared to Perth’s 3.3%. Long-term growth statistics are equally impressive. Over five years, Yanchep’s growth of 4.9% significantly surpassed Perth’s 1.7%, while over a decade, Yanchep’s solid 1.5% growth rate also outdid Perth’s 0.9%.

In terms of property prices, the median sales price in Yanchep has risen to a strong $482,000. Rental growth is also on an upswing, climbing to 15.8% with the median rental price now at $550 per week.

This suggests healthy, steady, and sustained growth in Yanchep’s real estate, making it an appealing choice for investors.


Increasing Amenities and Connectivity

Yanchep’s expanding amenities add to its appeal. With two primary schools and one secondary school already in the area, another primary school is set to open soon, catering to the growing population.

Improved connectivity via the Yanchep train line and freeway extension, due for completion this year, makes these locations more accessible and attractive for investors.

A mere 10-minute drive from Yanchep, the $6 million Two Rocks Marina redevelopment offers residents of this beachside community a chance to enjoy all aquatic elements of the coastal lifestyle as well as attract new commerce and employment opportunities.

Yanchep offers an excellent investment opportunity due to its proximity to the coast, robust infrastructure, and natural amenities.


Capricorn Beach Estate

Now selling, land at Yanchep’s Capricorn Beach estate offers an extraordinary opportunity for investors to secure a beachside lot, as little as 250m from the waves.

Its location, set between the coast and natural bushland, offers residents a unique lifestyle blend, with growing amenities, including the 2.4-hectare Campground Adventure Park and the Foreshore Adventure Park, that provide residents with communal areas, adding value to the overall lifestyle and investment.

Capricorn Beach is an investment move into the Yanchep success story, which is clearly setting the pace in WA with above-average property performance, expanding amenities, and improved connectivity.

To capitalise on the growing demand for coastal living in Yanchep, contact our friendly sales team today.

(Statistics Source: https://reiwa.com.au/suburb/yanchep/ Current at 8 June 2023)