The Benefits of Living Near the Beach

The Benefits of Living Near the Beach

Western Australians have always valued their coastal lifestyle, and the majority share a dream of finding a home right on the edge of the sand.

This dream is becoming a reality for many WA homebuyers, as Capricorn Beach in Yanchep is offering a number of beachfront lots for sale, some as little as just 250-350m away from the beach reserve.

There is a good reason for this beachfront dream shared amongst Western Australians. There are many benefits to living near the beach, and investing in beachfront land.

These include:

  • Amazing Community: Great communities are built around beaches and beach activities such as surfing, sailing, fishing, and swimming. These activities bring people together and are all centered around the seaside.
  • A Stress-Less Life Style: It has been proven that the combination of the clean sea air, the sound of the waves crashing while you sleep, and the encouragement to get outside, exercise, and enjoy the sunshine contributes to much better general well-being and a less stressful lifestyle.benefits of living near the beach or ocean in wa
  • Great Quality, Appreciating Land: Land along the coast is always going to be in high demand, especially in a place with beautiful beaches as Yanchep. With a variety of lots to choose from, Capricorn Beach is a perfect place to invest in the future of your family.
  • The Best of Both Worlds: At Capricorn Beach estate in Yanchep, you can enjoy the benefits of beachfront lots, whilst maintain your enjoyment of Perth city. With easy access to the Perth Underground Line, less than a 20minute bus ride away, and the CBD just 56 kilometres from your beachfront lot, you won’t need to compromise!

Capricorn Beach has beautiful beachfront lots for sale, ready for you to begin to live your coastal dream! Call us today to find out more on (08) 9561 6018 Or visit our website for more information on the beachfront land we have available!