Developing Yanchep’s Community Infrastructure

Developing Yanchep’s Community Infrastructure

The Yanchep community is growing before our very eyes. Over the last few years, new schools have popped up, new roads have begun to trace their way north and south, and entire streets of new homes are being built.

The Capricorn Beach development is a significant contributor to the community’s growth, and the development of the exciting new Capricorn Foreshore will eventually provide a whole new selection of cafes, restaurants and shops for the growing population to enjoy.

In order to sustain this incredible growth and allow the community to thrive, further community infrastructure is in the works, including the development of the new train station, the possibility of a new tavern and a new neighbourhood centre on Two Rocks Road. Please read on to learn more about each of these exciting new developments.


Yanchep Train Station and the Connecting Road

 The current train line runs from Perth (CBD) to Butler, meaning that those travelling from the city to Yanchep via public transport must connect to the coastal town by a bus ride averaging around 20 minutes.

However, with the completion of the new Yanchep Train Station in 2023, the community will be able to catch the train straight down the Joondalup Line, all the way to the city, in just under 55 minutes.

The station will also provide a new connection to the Joondalup Shopping Precinct that houses a wide variety of major retailers.

The completion date of the road from the Capricorn Foreshore to the train station will depend on the progress of the train station construction. However, Capricorn Beach is happy to keep the community updated about when the road will be ready.

For more information on the extension of the Joondalup Train Line, see the government website linked here.


New Tavern

 Building a new tavern at Capricorn Beach that allows the community to make the most of the stunning oceanside location is one of the main priorities within the area’s development.

We are currently in the process of finding the right partner for this development and will keep the community updated as to the timeline once a partnership is confirmed.


New Neighbourhood Shops on Two Rocks Road

 The neighbourhood centre on Two Rocks Roads represents an excellent opportunity for businesses to secure a spot in a growing community and tourist destination.

We are currently searching for retail companies to partner with for the site’s development and will update the community once a purchaser is confirmed.


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 As you can see, Yanchep is truly the definition of up-and-coming. To further explore Yanchep’s exciting growth, check out our recent articles: Now is the Time to Invest in Yanchep and Introducing the Capricorn Foreshore.

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