Introducing the Capricorn Beach Foreshore!

Introducing the Capricorn Beach Foreshore!

As West Australians, we cherish our coastal lifestyle. Our sandy white beaches are the setting for countless fun memories with family and friends, and surfing, boating, and fishing are essential building blocks of the culture of our communities. With this in mind, we are extremely excited to announce the Capricorn Beach Foreshore redevelopment of the Yanchep coastline. Yanchep’s beaches are some of the most beautiful and pristine in WA, and with our new development, they will be easier to access than ever before.

We have put together some information for you below to learn more about the Capricorn Beach Foreshore and all the incredible new features it will bring to the area.



Beginning in May 2021, Capricorn hopes to have Stage One of the Capricorn Beach Foreshore development completed by the end of 2022. The first stage will include the improvement of beach accessibility, an extension of roads and footpaths, and the development of new parklands and picnic areas. Please read on for further details on Stage One.

Access to some areas of the Capricorn Beach Foreshore, such as the lower beach car park, will be available to the public by the end of 2021.

There will be some minor road closures in the area within both stage one and two, specifically the current private driveway leading from Two Rocks Road roundabout to the foreshore. This road will be closed from May 2021 to approximately October 2022. After these road closures, the private driveway will become a fully functioning public road. See the Road Closures section of the website for more information.




The Capricorn Beach Foreshore is located in the picturesque coastal town of Yanchep, where the sea meets the land. Known for its crystal blue waters and soft white sand, Yanchep has both beautiful calm lagoons for families to swim and epic surf breaks. Located just 50-minutes north of the Perth CBD, the Yanchep community is continuing to grow and thrive with the development of new schools, residential properties, and small businesses.

Additionally, the installation of the new Yanchep Train Station is set to be complete in 2023. The extension of the Joondalup Train will mean that the commute from Perth to Yanchep will be cut down to just 40 minutes, and popping down to the Joondalup shopping precinct from Yanchep will be easier than ever. To learn more about all Yanchep has to offer – check out our recent article, linked here.

The new foreshore development will transform 12 hectares of beachfront land, located at the former Club Capricorn Resort site, whilst protecting the area’s natural ecology by retaining many large mature trees and the undulating sand dunes.

To see how this fits in within the Yanchep coastline, check out these resources:

The location is a 5-minute drive north from Yanchep Lagoon (up Two Rocks Road). However, within Stage One, Capricorn Esplanade (which currently runs up the western, coastal edge of town) will be extended north to connect with the new development, giving access to the lower beachfront car park and Capricorn Beach Foreshore.


Our Plan

We plan to bring new life to the northern beaches and take advantage of the remarkable coastline by creating a unique beachfront community hub.

The new development will include:

  • New community facilities such as a universal access path directly down to the protected beach, parklands with epic adventure playgrounds, and the closest car park to the beach in the northern area of the coast.
  • Cafes and Restaurants suitable for a variety of groups.
  • A Tourism resort – bringing important trade to local businesses.
  • A variety of residential housing, suitable for families, first home buyers, and those looking to downsize by the beach.

The Capricorn Beach Foreshore development will take place in several stages. As it stands, the first two stages are as follows:


Stage One

The first stage will lay the groundwork for the construction of further buildings, such as cafés, restaurants and the tourism resort. This will include:

  • Landscaped Parklands – a new eco-friendly park with open grassed area, plenty of shade, preserving the natural ecosystems within the dunes
  • Road Connections to Capricorn Esplanade
  • Upgrade of the lower foreshore car park for easier beach and park access
  • Extension of the beach access footpaths 450m north
  • Installation of public-use BBQs and picnic tables, and children’s playground
  • Development of the Beachside Plaza with shaded seating areas

The features of Stage One will be delivered by early 2022. After Stage One is completed, new access to the Capricorn Beach Foreshore will be available through the extension of Capricorn Esplanade, linked to the refurbished lower beachfront car park. This will then link through to the new Beachfront Plaza.

For more information on Stage One, click here.


Stage Two

Stage Two represents the further development of public facilities and landscaping of the foreshore area. This will include:

  • Installation of new features to make the coastline safe and more accessible such as bike racks, viewing decks, lighting and additional seating areas
  • Road extension of Capricorn Esplanade to Two Rocks Road, accessible to pedestrians and cyclists
  • A new Beachfront Plaza car park to give easy access to the new development
  • New public toilets and changerooms with storage available for surf lifesaving equipment
  • Improved beach access with the addition of a timber deck path at the northern end of the Foreshore development
  • Installation of an adventure playground with deluxe play equipment

For more information on Stage Two, click here.


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The Capricorn Beach Foreshore development will greatly increase the value of coastal land in Yanchep, bring new tourism to the area, and make enjoying the beach easier than ever for the community. To learn more about the development, please see the Foreshore website, or to learn more about the Capricorn Beach House & Land Packages available in the area, click here.